Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spreading Joy

Yesterday, I picked up a book on my shelf that a student had given me, Addie Johnson's The Little Book of Thank You's.  I wasn't looking for a thank you, but a pick-me-up.  In this book, I had tucked the thank you note that this student had included with the gift: a hand-written treasure far more precious than the price of any book.  She described my impact on the class in such positive terms that reading it again and again puts fuel in my tank to keep nourishing and giving to the world.  Such is the power of sincere, specific, positive affirmation.  Telling someone exactly what you appreciate about them gives the best kind of energy and joy for living, a precious gift of confirmation of their worth and value, a concrete expression of Christian love. Such words take time, effort, careful thought and emotional energy--all precious and scarce resources, making the gift that much  more priceless!  But I can think of no better way to spend my time and energy than spreading such joy!  Melissa  knew this precious talent and left me many wonderful cards and even an "Ode to Mom", now framed on my wall.  These are forever gifts, for they touch our self-esteem, our very souls. So, next time a positive thought crosses your mind about someone, be sure to share the joy with them.  Maybe this blog made you think of someone special in your life?  Write them a note, so they can pull it out and read it again and again to refuel and spread more joy into a hurting world.  Have a great day! -  JBM