Thursday, December 31, 2009

Days that Count

Melissa records a quote in her prayer journal: "Don't just count your days, make your days count" (p.32). Melissa understood that the quality of our lives comes from savoring each moment.  The time frame that keeps us hopeful is focusing on right this minute in light of eternity. So, rather than dwelling on the past year or coming decade, pay attention to the goodness of today, giving thanks for every little blessing of the moment, trusting God with the days ahead, and knowing that eternity with all its splendor and joy is yet to come!  Blessings and deep faith to you now and every moment to come See Melissa's Prayer Journal

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Blessings

"So Lord, help us all remember that Christ is the focus now..." Melissa writes in her Advent poem.  She got it. She knew the secret of a real Christmas: focusing on Christ.  The real message isn't the manger, it's the cross.  It's not the babe, it's the Lord breaking into human history, paying the price for us, so that we can go back to paradise with Him.  Jesus was born to die, so that we can be raised and live forever.  God's love is so all encompassing, that He came in human form to bring us to Him.  So, even if we have disappointments or losses or pain of any kind this Christmas, we can be enveloped by God's love and surrounded by His promise to be with us even to the end of time.  God's amazing love is the true meaning of Christmas. May you be surrounded by His Peace and Love this Christmas and always....

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Melissa worked hard at giving thoughtful gifts.  She most often made gifts, but she also considered carefully what each person would enjoy. She noted little things, like my enjoyment of Beatle songs on the radio. One Christmas she made me a CD of Beatle tunes.  She wanted her gifts to show her love.  She made collages from magazine letters to tell friends how they were special, or prayer journals to encourage a dear friend on her own prayer journey. When she was told she had only weeks left to live, Melissa first went shopping for her sister's birthday gift and her two Dad's Father's Day gifts, and then birthday gifts of friends for that summer.    We all tend to think we have plenty of time left on earth to say "I love you" with gifts, but we never know. So, now is the time to use gifts of all kinds to show your love to those precious to you,  keeping in mind that the gift of your complete, full attention and the gift of words of  sincere affirmation and praise are always the most powerful gifts anyone can give.  Thank you for your gift of reading this blog!   

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"I trust you with all the dealings of my fragile heart and all the precious people held in it."  Melissa writes these words in her prayer to God as she talks about a relationship. Trust. One of the hardest things to do.  Melissa handed over to God the things she most wanted, and trusted that God would take care of her either way, no matter what happened.  Why did she believe that?  Because she felt God's love as she talked to Him.  The more we communicate with God, the more we begin to feel His love and peace. So, Melissa knew God was trustworthy and would never leave her. He would always be there for her. And He was and is and will always be....  May the peace of a trusting heart be yours this day! - 
Melissa's Mom.    More Thoughts on Trust

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Melissa loved to make people laugh and smile!  She saw the humor in everyday interactions and loved to tease.  She was quick to see the opportunity for a prank, like sending a naive friend into a clothing rack to try on pants--- and taking his picture!  Melissa created her own fun by keeping a Groucho Marx glasses with nose & mustache in her car.  She & her good friends would wear them riding around in traffic, enjoying the second-take looks from other drivers and the smiles and nods!   Melissa did her best to make every day a play day!--
So, take some time today to see the humor, laugh at your mistakes, smile at something silly, or even where a pair of funny glasses.... just to make someone smile.  What a great way to brighten the day! - Blessings... Melissa's Mom

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Things-

Melissa wrote a poem about little things:
          "Lord, every day you shower me with blessings and I am so grateful for them all,
           There are some that are easily overlooked because they are so insignificant and small."
She continues to thank God for little things, like chicken soup and every smiling face.   How did Melissa get through chemotherapy?  By focusing on the little blessings.  If we deliberately make a point of looking at the good things in every day, we will actually have more energy to deal with the hassles. Try it.  And thank you for reading this message!  Check out more of Melissa's positive thoughts at this link: