Thursday, July 29, 2010


Clouds symbolize all the things we avoid, such as pain, grief, or rejection. Yet, clouds have a purpose.  Clouds are often the way that God reveals Himself to us. I read a reflection on clouds this morning which was so right!  Even though we usually dread clouds, God comes in the center of them. Even the disciples were afraid of being covered by a cloud, yet God was in the middle! (see Luke 9:34-35)I know I easily feel badly about myself when I'm in a cloud, like it's somehow my fault.  "I must be doing something wrong because I'm not happy."  But clouds come so we can see Jesus.  Let's face it: we tend to ignore God until we need Him.  Even Melissa admitted to the Lord that she was much faster at handing Him her wish list than she was at saying "Thank you."  We turn to God in our discomfort. When we do, we find that the closer we are to our Lord, the more our lives are full of His peace and joy, even in the midst of pain.  So, when clouds come into your life, remember they are meant to be. We all get swallowed up in clouds, even the closest disciples of Jesus!  And in the midst of the clouds, we just might find the treasure of the presence of God.  Wishing you blessings on a cloudy day!  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something Bigger

We were in Laos and Cambodia, visiting temples and sharing rice with Monks.  We watched people kneel to golden images & stone statues, offering incense, flowers and fruit.  Humans have a programmed need to worship. When circumstances spiral out of control and beyond our reach, we run to Something Bigger.  We long to know Someone is in charge.  Melissa did the same thing.  The night she was diagnosed with cancer, she cried out to God.  She turned to the Living Lord, Jesus Christ, right in her bedroom.  No images, no man-created statue. Just God.  And He instantly came in the form of a bright light, shining and moving into her window out of the pitch-black darkness of the forest night.  Awesome.  So Melissa and I invite you to look for Something, or rather Someone Bigger.  Discover the real God, the Lord of All who is in All, and who comes to us as we seek Him. Jesus.  Just come. Just call. Just talk to Him.  He's real, and He'll be there for you, too, just as He was and is for Melissa.