Friday, March 27, 2015

Little Things

I so often take God's biggest gifts for granted: unconditional forgiveness, purpose to my life, and eternal life with Christ.  I have a much harder time trusting the Lord with my daily details.  I unconsciously feel little, petty needs are beneath God's dignity.  I avoid praying about daily concerns, feeling a bit ashamed that such superficial things are concerning me. I have often shared with other people Melissa's words: "God answers our needs with the little things, so we can trust him with the big things."  So I cognitively know I'm suppose to pray over trite concerns, but still feel pathetic doing it.  This week, God immediately answered my prayer for a special dress for a special occasion.  Now this is a really superficial concern, right?  But our Loving Lord made a point of rapidly giving me just the right dress in the perfect color to make a point: to show me how much He loves me.  After all these years of living with the Lord, I'm still learning to talk to Him about everything!  I hope you are, too.  Because there is so much of God's love for us to experience! Blessings on your day!~  JBM

Saturday, March 14, 2015


In the middle of a prayer in which I asked God to give someone more gratitude, the Lord asked me a question (so typical!).  Was I asking this for my own benefit?  Did I want this person to be more grateful (although not to me) because I had something to gain?  Certainly, I was concerned that the generosity of this particular giver would dry up faster without proper acknowledgement, and I did most deeply desire what was best for the target of my prayers.  But when I stopped to think, I realized that gratitude is a gift to the person feeling it!  Our lives are transformed by focusing on the good, being grateful for the blessings, and not taking them for granted.  This changed my perspective.  I still think praying for gratitude for myself and others is right and good, not for the sake of the giver, but for the receiver!  For he who gives generously is already rewarded by their own good deeds and deep sense of being able to help others.  But the one who receives will be blessed 10 times more only when they recognize the blessing.  Melissa told God, "You are amazing!" Because she saw all the blessings in her day.  May we all have such eyes of faith to focus on every good gift from above!  Keep praying! ~ JBM