Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm about to send my only surviving child to the farthest corner of the world by herself for the first time.  This is not a comforting feeling. Yes, she is in college and will be a part of a reputable program, but she will be far from my reach.  Any difficulty she encounters, she has to handle without me. I literally have to hand her over to God. As I was driving to New York to visit Melissa's grave site, I had an "ahaah" moment.  The light bulb went on over my head!  A verse came into my mind, "You will keep him (her) in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because (s)he trusts in you."  Isaiah 26:3.  I had to look up the verse, because I had no idea where this came from, but there it was in my head.  I remembered Melissa and the incredible peace she had even has her life came to a close.  I know that peace came from her constant praying. She stayed connected to the source of peace. She stayed centered, focused on God, and that gave her "perfect peace", just like the verse says.  So, what is my challenge during the next 7 weeks with my daughter not even on email most of the time?  I must keep my mind centered on Christ, because I trust God.  She is, after all, his child, not mine.  So, I hand her back to her Loving Father who actually is even more concerned about her well-being than I am, as impossible as that is for my pea brain to imagine!  I hand her over to our Faithful Creator, and keep my eyes focused on the invisible.  The God who loves her even more than I do will not fail!  Thank you for journeying with me!  Blessings- JB

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I keep a journal of miracles, little things that go beyond coincidence, also called "signs".  I began this journal shortly after Melissa went to heaven, when I noticed so many wonderful signs giving me comfort, like the Mylar balloons sending us messages. But yesterday, I've been struck by a bigger miracle: the miracle of God's presence inside of us!  I know that sounds so corny, but I've been listening to sermons by Ray Stedman on "Basic Needs". He emphasizes that the basic message of Christianity is not just forgiveness, but God living inside of us as we accept Jesus.  Think about this for a minute.  God actually wants to enter into us and be a part of US!  Is anything more valuable than the divine?  We are part-takers of a divine nature by God's grace.  I think this is the miracle Melissa kept telling her friends and everyone who would listen:  God LOVES YOU!!  She just wanted to shout it from roof-tops, because God's love was so very real to her.  God's presence living inside of her, not because she deserved it, but because she just turned to Him in her need. When she talked about "the miracles of God's love," she really meant that phrase, even though we have heard it so many times we no longer realize the power.  So, I'm certainly inadequate to express it any better than my Princess.  I just encourage you to look for those little "more than coincidence" signs in you. Remember that the signs are tiny clues to the greater truth that the Holy God of the Universe loves you more than you can begin to comprehend, and is ready to really be a part of your life, as you invite Him in!  God bless you!