Monday, February 18, 2013


One of the greatest gifts we can give another person is our full attention: our undivided focus when we really listen to their needs.  In our world of constant noise and endless wireless stimulation, pausing to concentrate on the felt needs of another human being is not only a challenge, but an exquisite treasure. You provide such gold when you look into the eyes of a co-worker, friend, or family member, really hearing the meaning behind the words, or even better, feeling  them.  Melissa knew this well, and asked for her friends to tell her their problems. Even during chemotherapy, she longed to be of help to others. We can easily miss the opportunity to help others because such self-less loss into the needs of another is emotionally and cognitively draining.  But please know, that no matter what other comfort you may provide, your full attention to the needs of another provides a priceless gift. Give it freely, and feel the deep satisfaction of the riches you have to offer this world.  Blessings, JBM

Friday, February 8, 2013


We all love something that is free!  So I couldn't resist downloading The Purpose Driven Life, the most widely sold book world-wide other than the Bible.  This book is newly published with an updated version, videos for each chapter, and tons of resources for individuals or groups, most of which are free online at Saddleback ChurchExplore the multiple webpages. I've been listening to each chapter by podcast while making dinner or cleaning up, a great dose of optimism in my day.  I feel renewed and re-energized by focusing on my purpose in life.  I feel boosted in my self-worth to be reminded that God has important work for me to do. No wonder this book sold so many copies!!  I've been trying to nudge my friends to listen to these resources, too, because when you find something really helpful, you want to share it!!  Melissa knew the power of this book, and bought it as a gift to a friend as her last purchase on this earth!  So, it must be good if the Holy Spirit included it for her end agenda!  Try listening or watching the teachings that go with it.  I'm hoping you will feel excited at all that God has in store for you as well. Blessings!  JBM