Friday, July 20, 2012

Who's Making You Crazy?

I have been listening to a series on how to deal with the "crazy-makers" in your life.  Mind you, I consider myself reasonable skilled at interpersonal relations, and actually have decades of evaluations as evidence for that statement, but this series of classes are amazing.  So, I emailed almost everyone I know to tell them about it.  The feedback from everyone who has viewed these free online classes has been widely enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive.  The series can be found on my favorite online spiritual nourishment source: Saddleback Church.  (If this link doesn't work for you, go to,  click on "media", click on "archived services", and click on the "all" tab. Also available through a free app for iPhone or iPad).  Take a look at the topic titles and start with one that hits you, like "resolving conflict".  But they are all well done, excellent mental health and relational health solid content with a spiritual foundation.  No one asked me to plug this series, by the way. I honestly just want to share valuable resources with everyone. So far the content most helpful to me has been: how to handle people who manipulate you with their anger, expressing my anger in healthy and helpful ways rather than destructive ways, and setting clear boundaries.  Melissa was amazing at her ability to practice these things.   She writes in her Prayer Journal how she handled a difficult conversation tactfully and the response was perfect, which she attributed to being prayerful before the conversation and asking for God's help!  And the Lord came through for her, as her joy in the entry describes!  So, even if you don't take the time to listen or watch these helpful videos, stay prayerful, like Melissa did!  The Lord comes through every time!! - Blessings - JBM