Friday, June 14, 2013


Melissa made a cover for her personal prayer journal that said "Priority".   She made God her priority in her life.  I've failed miserably at this goal, especially in the last two weeks on vacation.  Being out of my routine and on a busy tour gave license to all my feeble excuses.  As a result, I had far more anxiety and much less joy than if I had simply   stayed connected!     Routine does help me stay focused and positive by building time with God into my daily life.  I have breakfast with Jesus.  I pray when I'm in the car.  I have cues that I associate with talking with God, reading a devotional, or reading God's Word.  So, when I'm out of my routine, I need to establish new ways or times or cues to keep me connected, so I can really  enjoy every minute relaxed and safe in the arms of my Heavenly Parent.  Thank you, Lord, that your mercy is never ending and that each day is a new beginning!  Wishing you all a joyful time of R&R this summer, staying connected.  JBM