Friday, April 13, 2012


I woke up grumpy yesterday, complaining in my mind of all the chores ahead of me that day and even blaming others that I had to do them.  It was not pretty.  I managed to pray, "Lord, help me to stop whining!"  But the cloud over my head persisted as I entered the kitchen for my tea.  I saw the iPad and grabbed it for a quick spiritual fix:
 40 Days In The Word 
I signed into this series of 10 minute sermons and went to Day 29. The Pastor talked about storms, and how they are suppose to be  in our lives!!  Rain is meant to fall.  You'd think I'd know that by now, right?  But I needed to hear it again. The speaker explained that God's Word is the firm foundation that keeps us upright in floods, the roof that keeps us dry in rain, and the walls that keeps us secure in winds. And by time my dear husband walked into the room, I was smiling. I still had the chores to do, but they were God-ordained, and that made all the difference.  God is building me into His person and giving me His work, which may seem menial to me, but could be changing lives without me even knowing it. I am called to be an  ambassador  for Christ, showing His loving kindness to every person I meet by my reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit.  Without Christ, I'm just my grumpy old self!!  People have no idea how lucky they are that Jesus is in my life!!  So, if you are running into rain today, look for the shelter of God's word and the strength of His presence. Just as Melissa illustrated every day of her fight with cancer, with God, you can handle anything! - Blessings - JBM