Saturday, April 25, 2015


Sometimes I sense God's inspiration in helping me write or say just the right thing!  I can feel the Lord giving me the words, the message, and the voice tone to meet the needs of those around me.  Such a fabulous feeling!  Thanks to today's daily reflection,  I just learned that obedience is far more important than perceived inspiration!  Even when I have an "off" day, when I am not my best, when my emotional tank feels empty, I need to continue to meet the needs of those around me.  Even when my best at that moment is far from my best ever, I need to keep moving and trust God to use whatever imperfect effort I am capable of for that moment.  What a relief to be reminded that the Lord will use my most flawed attempt, as long as I am following His lead!  Melissa didn't worry about performance with people.  She just prayed for God to use her and loved those around her!  That's the plan: stay connected to the Lord, connected to others, and follow Christ.  Thank you, Lord, that your power is so much greater than my imperfection!   Have a great day and stay connected. ~ JBM