Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Long Term Investment

She knew she only had weeks left to live.  She was 19, bright, beautiful, and in love with a man who adored her, and she only had a few weeks left of her life.  She was determined to use that time to the fullest: to bring all of her friends closer to God.   Melissa was a young woman on a mission.  She poured over small booklets and materials to give to her friends, such as The Reason Why,  desperate to make them understand the amazing power of God's love that filled her life and gave her hope.  When she saw to her college friends for the last time, she hugged each one, then turned as she left to quietly declare, "Guys, I know where I'm going."  Melissa had a purpose to her life and a clear confidence in the face of death, as she felt the arms of God surrounding her. 
            What about us?  Are we spending our time investing in eternity or getting caught up worrying about the small stuff?  Can we block out our surrounding culture that tells us to do more, have more, be more?  Can we hear the voice of God telling us we are loved JUST as we are?  Personally, I need constant reminders, daily refocusing on the true meaning of life: as many as I can get!  I need my internet homepage to be a devotional, so I stop for a minute and read a Bible verse before opening email. I need the routine of saying a prayer in the car before turning on the radio.  I need to turn each day over to Christ as I climb out of bed and anticipate my to-do list.  I need the habit of saying grace with my family every night, because it is the only time we pray together regularly, providing us with a precious opportunity to share our burdens with God and each other. I need to make my life count for Christ, because, like Melissa, I want my investment to be long term: for eternity.