Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was reading a refection (March 7) today that explained how we can feel joy even in the midst of difficulties and even sorrow.  The author explained that it is the tough parts of life that bring us close to God and help us really feel His love!   When we draw near the throne in times of pain, we are lifted above our circumstances in a way that gives us irrational joy, an exuberance in life, an exhilaration in feeling God's love for us! We are not joyful FOR the difficulty or even in spite of difficulty, we are joyful in the midst of difficulty! Why, because feeling God's love is SO amazing. When the Creator of the Universe says "I love you" in the small details of our lives, you feel a deep joy.  Melissa spoke of this joy when she wrote in the last months of her life, "I can hardly contain my joy in the Lord."  Now I finally get it!  She felt God next to her at a level of intimacy that was beyond description.  And so shall we, as we draw near to our loving Lord in all circumstances, knowing that He is big enough to lift us up above everything and anything!  May God bless you today! - JBM