Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wise Men & Signs

There was only one group of Wise Men who searched for the infant King of the Jews.  There was a bright star, probably visible to the world, but only one group of men who understood the significance.  Only those few Magi comprehended the huge importance of this birth, and left their lives behind to worship this King. Perhaps the signs that seem ordinary coincidence to others are only visible to those whom God calls.  So many times, I have seen the fingerprints of God in the minuscule details of my day, so easily overlooked if I did not pay attention to the whisper of the Lord.  God sends an ever so gentle tap on the shoulder to accompany those signs.  The Magi felt that tap, and followed the star. Melissa felt that tap, and made a prayer journal for a friend, which later became the inspiration for the book, Melissa's Prayer Journal.  Melissa also knew that the rainbow balloon which hovered in our  home throughout the nine months of her first chemotherapy treatment was God's sign to her.  I passed it day in and day out, month after month, and never understood.  The sign was for Melissa, not me.   When the Lord sends you a sign, no one else may understand the significance but you.  So, you need to follow your own star, rely on your own sense of God's calling, and worship in the way you are being called, for we all have our own paths and our own purpose on this earth for worshiping our King of Kings.  Keep listening, pay attention to the signs, and encourage others to do the same. Wishing you all the  miracles of Christmas! - JBM

PS- I have a blog for nurses and others who are care givers. Please pass it along: The Heart Of A Nurse