Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Things

The Lord has His own way of getting our attention, and calling us to a higher standard, often with a lesson in humility.  Several months ago, I passed a candy wrapper lying on the grass on campus, and dismissed it.  Did it occur to me to pick up this isolated and unusual eye sore on our otherwise beautiful place called Emmanuel?  I honestly think it might of, ever so swiftly, but after all, I was dressed in my best clothes.   I clearly did not see it as my job to help keep my campus clean.  The very next day, I listened to a sermon about  Christ-like humility. The Pastor challenged listeners to never walk past a piece of trash because you think you are too good to pick it up!  God can be so direct when He wants to be!  Guess what happened the next time I was on campus?  Right!  There was piece of trash on the ground. Only this time it was a green, wet, used napkin.  As a nurse, I can easily imagine the colonies of bacteria busily multiplying on this wet environment, but I didn't dare walk by.  At least I recognized this divine test when I saw it!  I picked up the contaminated napkin and deposited it appropriately, but with a sense of satisfaction.  I was happy to be serving the Lord, walking in the light, in however humble a way He chooses.  It's obeying in the little things, that we build a character to withstand the bigger tests in life. Nothing that we do is too small for God to notice, and all the we do matters, perhaps especially the little things.  Melissa knew the importance of surrendering everything to the Lord. So I hope you are walking with Jesus in every way today, and feel that same deep joy of knowing you are serving the King of Kings!  Blessings~ JBM