Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Divine Provision

I'm having some knee "issues" recently, which have dramatically decreased my mobility.  Nothing to complain about, but definitely a life-change.  I realized this morning that God had already provided for me before all this happened.  My recent job change brought a parking space in the same building as my office, on a small, lovely campus with little walking needed.  My old job had a large garage a long two block walk from my office building, which would have been difficult for me these past two months.  I marvel at how God provides for our needs, even before we know we have them!!   As Melissa said, "God takes care of the little things to show us we can trust Him with the big things".*  So, stay connected, and keep looking for the ways the Lord is taking care of you today, even before you know to ask!  Blessings on your day! ~ JBM