Saturday, January 5, 2013


When you obey God, miracles happen.  I learned that lesson decades ago, and I saw it again this year.  The Holy Spirit gave me a nudge to donate a part of my inheritance to my parent's church, more than a tithe.  I just got this feeling (not an emotion) that the Lord wanted a certain amount to go to my childhood church, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, in Peekskill, N.Y, a wonderfully elegant, historic stone church in need of repair.  We met with the Rector (Senior Pastor), a highly intelligent, disciple of Christ whose love for the Lord is evident in every sentence.  He graciously gave us a choice of which project in the church to tackle with our donation.  As God leads, we all agreed that the Parish Hall was the top priority, and this wonderful man declared it would be renamed, "Bell Hall", after my parents, Samuel and Bertha Bell.  To me, having a hall named after my parents is a miracle.  Not in my wildest dreams could I have thought of such a thing, certainly not in a church.  My parents loved St. Peter's and served God through that church until the day they died, so this honor is so fitting, a gift from God.  When you obey God, miracles happen.  Melissa knew this, and asked God to help her do His will (p.18-19). So, what is the Lord nudging you to do today? Is there someone you need to hug? or forgive? or ask forgiveness of?  Is the Holy Spirit asking you to return to your daily prayer?  Is there a habit you need to break or one you need to develop more?  Whatever God is asking you to do, do it!  When you obey God, miracles happen!!  Wishing you a new year filled with miracles! JBM