Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm really good at making "to do" lists.  I make one almost every day.   I rarely accomplish all that I want to on that day, so the lists linger into the next day.  I rarely make lists of all the good things in my life, unless I discipline myself to do so. On the contrary, I so easily fall into ruminating about problems or a rude remark or a harsh word, allowing it to dwell in my mind like a slow poison seeping through my consciousness.  Melissa did just the opposite!  Even with big problems in her life, she made a point of  thanking God for all the blessings of the day. In her prayer journal, she would first bring a problem to God, and then turn to thanksgiving, filling her thoughts with all the good things in her life.  I'm trying to follow Melissa's example. When I find myself focusing on the negative, I pull out my gratitude journal and make a list of all the things for which I have to be thankful. It never fails to put me in the right mood and mindset.  Today, among many other things, I am grateful to you for reading this!  God bless!  Melissa's Lists

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Encountering Adversity

Aversity- bad things happen to good people, both tragic and small.  We live in a broken world and stuff happens, sometimes awful things happen.  Melissa is my role model for handling adversity: She clung to her God.  She refused to feel sorry for herself or see her cancer as "bad luck".  She chose to trust her God; she chose to believe He had a bigger plan; and she chose to live every day in the light of the Lord.  And what impact did that have?  It changed everything!  Rather than be bitter and angry,  Melissa felt God's love every day in little ways, because she had chosen to put on the eyes of faith!  She trusted God, not because she understood His plan, but because she felt His grace. She trusted in Who she knew, not what she understood.  As a result, all of us around her marveled at her power, her conviction, her strength, her ability to feel confident, even as her body was being destroyed.  She told her friends, "Guys, I know where I am going."   She was not a victim of circumstance, but a precious daughter held in the hands of her Lord.  So, when things go wrong for me, I try to see them as part of a plan.  Rather than allowing circumstances to dictate my life, I choose to trust our Faithful Creator, just as Melissa did!   see Melissa's Faith

Sunday, February 14, 2010

God is Love

Melissa always loved Valentine's Day, even as a little girl.  She got excited just anticipating being able to tell her family and special loved ones how much she cared.  She would write poems, make cards, even sing songs!  Although Melissa was always a romantic and loved red roses and sweet songs, she also knew the best love came from her Heavenly Father, and wanted everyone to feel this real love as well.  The arms that never fail, the acceptance that's truly unconditional, the forgiveness that never ends, the patience that is never worn out, and the depth of love beyond our imaginations all comes from above.  Valentine's Day provides a lovely reminder to demonstrate our love to those so precious in our lives. But every day, gives us a chance to see God's love for each of us in every blessing in our lives.  Hope you are feeling so very deeply loved today by your Heavenly Father. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gifts from Heaven

Melissa wrote many times about the little gifts from heaven in her everyday events that cheered her up and made her feel loved.  I've had several of those gifts today, and its only ten in the morning!  They come through other people, circumstances, just special little treats that may seem coincidence to the by-stander, but those with the eyes of faith can clearly see God's fingerprints!  I find my spiritual vision is more acute when I am hurting for some reason, feeling not quite up to the tasks in front of me.  That's when God reaches down and sprinkles blessings, and I just know I am loved by my heavenly Father.  My gifts today came during my time in Church.  Being focused on God helps to open those channels of communication, and allow God's love to reach us more freely. So, I'll keep praying and keep attentive to the gifts, that I can be thankful to our faithful Creator and Lord. Amen.   A Gift from Melissa