Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Touching Lives

Melissa was a woman on a mission!  At just 19, she knew she had only weeks left to live on this earth.  Cancer was moving quickly through her body, and she was determined to bring her close friends closer to Christ.  She gave them booklets, talked with them, and prayed continuously. Little did she know that her prayers of faith, hope and thanksgiving would touch thousands of lives after she entered heaven!  The secret prayer journal she kept at her bedside, her unveiled conversations with God, became a beacon of hope and instrument of faith development for people of all ages in the years that followed. Melissa’s Prayer Journal*** continues to illustrate a perfect example of what social scientists have coined “positive religious coping”, and continues to touch lives for Christ.
            We never know what daily practices, conversations, or even our blogs might be as an instrument in the hands of God in times to come.  We do know that as we follow closely the footsteps of our Lord, our ministry will be all that it was meant to be, touching lives. 

**** Melissa's Prayer Journal  is available at:

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