Friday, February 5, 2016

The Secret to Peace

We all want peace, that feeling of contentment that all is right with the world.  Meanwhile, we live surrounded by conflict, aggravation, overwhelming demands, discomfort, and even suffering. What a contrast!  One of the best instructions on staying in peace comes from Philippians 4: 4-9.  We are to bring our concerns to God with thanksgiving! *  This is a two-step process, and you need both steps!  Not only do you tell God what is bothering you, you also THANK God for whatever is pure, true, excellent, lovely or worthy of praise.  Melissa had this recipe down to the letter!  All of her prayers started with her worries, and ended listing her blessings!   Melissa's coping was so very effective, that her prayers are now serving as an example of positive coping for nurses to use in helping others.  Melissa was confident in God's provision, dependent on His presence, and faithful in bringing her concerns with thanksgiving to God.  Her prayers role model positive coping in any circumstances and at any point in life!  A scientific research study of Melissa's Prayer Journal found Thanksgiving to be the most frequent prayer in her journal!  Gratitude strikes again!  God cares about our concerns, but tells us to focus on Him and on His provisions of our needs: the secret to peace.  Wishing you the peace that rises us above our circumstances, always! 

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